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Monday, March 23, 2009

Imogen Heap - Endearing, Delightful, Generous

I will never tire and will never stop being fascinated and appreciative of people who I admire sharing so much about themselves freely and with no strings attached. The tools of the web allow this like never before. These tools allow anyone to publish their thoughts with the whole world. Or in my case, the 150-200 people that stop by this blog daily.

One of the musicians I admire is Imogen Heap. My friend Beth at work shared her with me a few years back. Imogen was basically on repeat for the whole of 2008 in iTunes for me. She is an amazing singer, songwriter, thinker and artist in general. I have yet to tire of her music, and recommend you check her work out if you haven't heard her talent.

One thing we don't have in common is her love for twitter. I can't stand it. My day is a constant battle with occupational interruptions and the attempt to set and stick to priorities, so keeping up with what my "friends" had for lunch just isn't that important to
me. But Imogen seems to love it, and in this video, among other things, she shares her fascination and appreciation for twitter in a very transparent way.

Imogen also shares a ton of behind the scenes thinking and snippets of unfinished songs that to me is both fascinating and generous. She also speaks of her desire to share and not guard her music and videos, which is something I also enjoy doing. My dozen or so sxc.hu images have been downloaded over 4,000 times, and are completely free. Sharing is fun, and hearing on occasion how someone benefited by my photography is really rewarding.

So get to know Imogen Heap in a very endearing and personal glimpse behind the scenes. And her other video blog entires here. Thank you Imogen for your spirirt of sharing.

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