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Monday, November 15, 2010

Looking for a Senior Level Graphic Designer

UPDATE: No longer looking, and grateful to God for His timing.

Looking for a Needle in a Haystack was a post I wrote in 2008 as the company I work for was looking to bring on a new staffer. I post this today because we're once more looking to add a position. If you know someone who might be a solid candidate, send them here to read what I said then.

The teammate we're looking to add is a communication design thinker, who adds at a senior level. In the world of design, a title can mean different things depending on where you work. This position is called Senior Designer, but as I just suggested, in many independent agencies, this might also be called Art Director, or something else. Regardless of title, this candidate would possess strategic planning and execution skills and would be passionate about both the creative and business side of design. More specifically, the position requires swift and thoughtful design solutions for internal clients
(mostly), under the leadership of a senior art director (that would be me). The position and the opportunity is broad—and includes brainstorming projects with an impressive pool of fellow creatives, and at times clients; strategic and creative development; design execution of all your projects; and design presentations. In other words, this position has a ton of autonomy for the person with the right mix of thinking, communication ability and tact.

A couple other important things I like to point out is that we're looking for someone with what I call a "voice"—that is, someone who has an interesting perspective on how best to develop work that gets results. Someone who adds uniquely to a discussion. Also, someone who understands what it means to be a servant leader. That is, someone who cares about growing everyone around them. A servant leader grows trust and value within our company.

We work on Macs, and are getting all new ones this Friday (can you tell I'm excited).

All that to say, filling a position at Tyndale has always been challenging, so if you would pass this on to people you know who are truly at a senior level (not just people you like a whole lot, and would love to see get a job), I would very much appreciate it.

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