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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Werner's Wonderful Werk

Back in WWII (actually, it was the late 80's), when I was a young designer, I followed the work of the Duffy Design Group. They produced outstanding design, but always struck me as weird that an annual report for a healthcare company could look exactly the same as one for a financial institution. Since that time I've tried very hard not to limit my design solutions to a specific "style."

Well, 20 years have passed, and the rest is history. Duffy & Partners are a mega successful, legendary design powerhouse, and well, I'm not.

I digress.
A designer who cut her teeth at Duffy has gone on to a long and celebrated career, and is now considered amongst the best in the biz. Many of you reading this are well aware of her high profile work, but for those of you who aren't, her name is Sharon Werner. Her site, WernerDesignWerks, is testomony to a wonderful, enviable design career full of top notch work. I really admire her thinking. And her approach. And her client list. You will too.



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