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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hear,Hear: The Paul Buckley Interview

Published in two installments, Hear,Hear chats with Paul Buckley, a veteran art director of one of the largest book publishers in the world, The Penguin Group.

My official title is Vice President Executive Art Director, which should give you a clue that I’ve been here at Penguin Group awhile. They treat me pretty good, so I’ve stuck around. Basically, I wear two hats – I manage a large staff of very talented designers and art directors, and look over their shoulders when necessary and stay out of their way when necessary. While running my department, I try to be a Designer as well, working on my own covers and fulfilling my own artistic needs. The imprints within my department are all trade – Penguin / Viking / Penguin Press / Portfolio / Sentinel; so there is a really nice mix and always interesting projects to sink ones teeth into. —Paul Buckley

Here's a nice Flickr set of a visit to his studio.

( via Hear,Hear )


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