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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Likewise. I like.

A man comes across an ancient enemy, beaten and left for dead. He lifts the wounded man onto the back of a donkey and takes him to an inn to tend to the man’s recovery. Jesus tells this story and instructs those who are listening to go and do likewise.
Likewise books, a new imprint of Intervarsity Press, targeting 18-32 year old adults. When we’re skeptical about the status quo, Likewise books challenge us to create culture responsibly. When we’re confused about who we are and what we’re supposed to be doing, Likewise books help us listen for God’s voice. When we’re discouraged by the troubled world we’ve inherited, Likewise books help us hold onto hope. In this life we will face challenges that demand our response. Likewise books face those challenges with us so we can act on faith.

I’m enjoying what I see so far, including their new website which offers a free 90+ page Likewise Sampler as PDF. Thanks Likewise. May this new ministry effort give God all the glory.

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