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Friday, November 03, 2006

MetroFarm: Just Two People?

I was initially attracted to Metrofarm because of their incredible furniture which I had seen on various sites, including designspotter. However after checking their site out, I have even a greater appreciation for their abilities. In addition to furniture design, they are also gifted designers of objects and graphics. To top this all off, the entire breadth of work is that of just two people. Julia on graphics and Nunu on design. In addition to “things,” their clients call on them for concept and strategy, curatorship and production.

I just wish I could afford their benches. And hey, since today’s my birthday—why not buy me a couple! Or, might I suggest this again?


Blogger studiosmith said...

I have a pending comment from Liz Ness which Blogger is not letting me post. So, Liz, thanks for the well wishes and birthday greeting. Blogger is really on it's knees over the last three weeks, so I'm deciding what options to take to switch. Sorry for the hassle.

3:36 PM  

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