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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Pagebull: Visual Search Engine

Like Google and Yahoo, Pagebull is another internet search engine. But what makes Pagebull special are the results, which are presented visually in the form of web screenshots. Using Pagebull, you can see your results visually before visiting each resulting link, which is a time saver. Visual search results may in fact open up doors creatively based on the ability to explore more than if you just got text results. Though similar to an RSS syndicator in that sense, Pagebull is accessible on any computer with a web browser. I use (and love) a paid program called NewsFire to do almost the same thing, but it's a third party application which is only accessible on my machine in one location. There's something cool about being able to preview your search results on the fly and before commiting to a click. I wish the crew at Pagebull well.

NOTICE TO PAGEBULL STAFF: If you eventually sell for $1.4 billion to Google, please remember I blogged you when you were a nobody, so throw me a bone!


Anonymous Kevin said...

very very very cool search engine. It needs a bit of work, but the concept is very cool and its just gone onto my favorites list.

3:58 PM  
Blogger studiosmith said...

I agree. The site officially launched yesterday, the 28th. You can learn more at their blog: http://pagebull.blogspot.com/

8:26 PM  

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