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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Luke 2: Christmas Story Podcast

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Click the arrow in the pink circle above (or here if that doesn't work) for an audio Podcast of Luke 2, the Christmas Story, as read by artists and musicians including Building 429, Newsboys, Third Day, Toby Mac, Matthew West, Jars of Clay, Barlow Girl, Zoe Girl.

You may legally redistribute this to friends, family, colleagues, churches, blogs, or anywhere else you would like to share the Christmas message, as provided by the publisher of the Holy Bible, New Living Translation.

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Blogger studiosmith said...

May all four of you who come to this blog be drawn closer to the sweet 8 pound, 6 ounce baby Christmas Jesus that Will Farrell prefers in Telledaga Nights. Or the real Jesus, who really walked on tbhis earth and came to this world as Son of Man to offer you eternal life with the Father. May you grasp the real meaning of Christmas, and feel His loving arms around you as you learn of His saving grace in your life.

5:26 PM  

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