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Saturday, December 16, 2006

What Makes Someone Creative?

According to David Nottoli...

  1. Creativity exists in the execution, not the thought. One scientist points out that a lot of people have ideas, but they don't act on them
  2. The creative process isn't something you just turn on
  3. The human brain becomes more creative during uninhibited moments, as in when someone is experiencing mild mania
  4. People who are able to make more new and original associations are thought to be more creative
  5. Creativity is not exclusively a young person's game. A lot of highly creative people in the sciences are in their 70's
  6. There seems to be an unconscious knowledge that creative people use
  7. Artists are good at conveying significant gestures and the viewers bodies respond to the implied gestures of the artist
  8. Creativity is not just being novel. It also needs to be appropriate
  9. Despite lots of experimentation, there are no good tests that accurately identify creative kids
  10. Creativity appears to be a mystery we may be hundreds of years away from understanding
Agree. Disagree? Got some to add to the list? Love to hear from ya'.

Download the audio podcast.

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