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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

YotoPhoto: Search "Free-to-use" photos

Yotophoto searches for free-to-use photographs and images, indexing Creative Commons, Public Domain, GNU FDL, and various other 'copyleft' images.
While some of the images are in the Public Domain, most are released under Creative Commons, GNU FDL or similar licenses. These licenses typically have some minor conditions of use (such as requiring that credit be given to the photographer). Yotophoto offers resources and links to help users understand and comply with the license conditions (because we hate legalese as much as you do).

Free-to-use photos are not all the same, and generally do require restrictions of various sorts. I came across a great article recently which may shed more light on this. I always recommend using keen judgement when using such images, and suggest not using an image if it's not clear in writing the photo owner/distributors intent. Always read the source "Terms of Service" (TOS) or "Licensing" before downloading any such image.

( via photoshopsupport )


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