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Monday, January 15, 2007

Dutch Design Resource: NAGO

Beginning in 1992, the Nederlands Archief Grafisch Ontwerpers (NAGO) has been collecting examples of the graphic work of Dutch designers (or designers in living in the Netherlands) with the aim of preserving and presenting this most excellent work. I "refresh" my browser over and over so I can see the covers changing. Amazing. Unfortunately I only speak English, so I can't read a lick of what's on the site, but you'll be able to see why I'm so all over this site none-the-less. You can search by titel, ontwerper, opdrachtgever or soort object - whatever those mean?!

So if this site is in your native tongue, have at it. Otherwise just enjoy the vast inspiration. This site is THICK with good design.
Book design yes, but it's not limited to that. The collection has almost anything print related that you might be interested in. Hope you enjoy this great resource as much as I do.

If you know what "opdrachtgever" means, post it in a comment.


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