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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

R3VOLUTION: A Community of Faith

Upon landing on this site, what immediately caught my attention were the visuals, and the overall approach. The site does a fine job of creating voice, personality and place. In my experience, faith based sites often portray a "Me-too, Johnny-Come-Lately" approach visually and conceptually. "Got Jesus," if you will. However it appears R3VOLUTION faith community has worked hard to develop a relevant and intentional sense of self. Something I really appreciate. After perusing the site further, it appears to me that's not the only thing they have right. I see a community with a perspective– fresh in terms of the way they see themselves called to do the work of the Lord. Not unlike other young ministry movements, R3VOLUTION appears to place an emphasis on action. Something that I enjoy in terms of faith's rubber meeting the road. They claim that faith is important, but only if it inspires one to strive toward rethinking societal norms, removing barriers, and reshaping the world. They state that action's vital, but it's only so when it's driven by a faith in Christ– one who modeled a life of love and service. They envision a church without walls. They strive to create a Christlike culture. They claim to be ordinary people doing extraordinary things (I suspect they mean the work Christ does through them). All told I appreciate the efforts. I don't know a single person who attends this community of faith, but I pray Pastor Eric Huffman does whatever it takes to draw people of all walks closer to the Lord, and that doing so brings God all the glory.



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