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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Coworking. Community. Connections.

Thinking back on all the places you've worked and the relationships you had with people in those companies, chances are some of your closest friends are a by-product of those environments. Yet if you're a full time freelancer or solo act of any type, community can be a missing link. Enter Coworking—the connections without the company.

If the concept of Coworking seems intriguing and you'd like to learn more, start by Googling the word "Coworking"— as this is a rather hot topic, especially in the tech sector. There's also a website called The Coworking Community Blog if you want another jumping off point. Or check out this Philly spin off.
Philly has started their own Wiki. You might try TheHatFactory— a coworking environment started by a bunch of people including Ryan Hodson from RYANISHUNGRY. Coworking is an intriguing concept. Is Coworking for you?

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Blogger Jay Dedman said...

A bunch of us helped start it off...but Hatfactory.net is actually run by Schlomo (http://schlomolog.blogspot.com/).
He's the guy to go to for more info.

12:16 PM  
Blogger studiosmith said...

Thanks for the info Jay.

7:06 AM  
Anonymous Liz Ness said...

Interesting for sure!

I grew up in a small town (pop. 500 or so) and when I moved to a large city, I was immediately struck by my own anonymity. This was overcome through friendships made at work...but, later amplified when I became a stay-at-home-mom.

Within the last few years, I've been exploring community in a variety of ways. The concept promoted by the Coworking piece seems to really take the bull by the horns and acknowledge/deal with the need for community...in one's own community. How cool is that? VERY (heh-heh)!

Thanks for your post, Barry. And, at the risk of sounding like a broken record (yeah, what's that?), I always learn so much from you/your site. Thanks again!

11:39 AM  

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