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Monday, September 03, 2007

scanR: To the Rescue

Brainstorming's been going strong for what's approaching an hour, and all of a sudden you hit upon the most ridiculously innovative idea in your career. To say the excitement in the room is high is an understatement. Looking at the clock, everyone agrees a break is another good idea, so everyone leaves for an agreed upon 15 minutes. Upon return...pure horror! A small team from across the hall has mistakenly deemed the room available and has set up shop— completely erasing the whiteboard. Yes, THE whiteboard. The one with that once in a career idea. Enter ScanR. No more whiteboard erase problems. Just take a digital shot of the whiteboard, or multiple shots if you want to erase one and fill more, then send the photo to ScanR from your phone and it's immediately emailed to whatever account you want, as a fully editable PDF. It works for whiteboards, pretty much any document, and even business cards. Now I haven't tried it myself, but I plan to. If you do and you like it, let everyone know by leaving a comment. Here are some examples showing the original photo and the resulting PDF of whiteboards, documents and business cards. Let me know what you find. 'Cuz after all, FactsR Friendly.

( via Lifehacker's Top10 PDF tricks )

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