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Monday, January 21, 2008

Bell & Ross: High Time

Those who know me would confirm that spending excessively is definitely not my MO. But considered purely on quality, craftsmanship and product design beauty alone, my vote would have to be Bell&Ross. They make the masterpiece of timepieces. Pure excellence. Though this type of frivolous spending's not a high priority for me personally, something's gotta be said for excellence, and Bell&Ross do bring it. Their website is equally as impressive looking, except for the fact that they built it all in Flash, which as I've pointed out in the past, is not recommended (by me anyways). I love my Nighthawk, but am hoping to continue my string of fortunate and profitable deals of the century (like my Eames Time-Life Executive Workchair for $75.00 in mint condition), and if I do, let's just say I'll snag it no-questions-asked. Then you get my Nighthawk.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey dude. Don't know how "into" watches you are in general (I'm a bit of a watch nut myself), but thought I'd mention these good quality poor man's "homage" watches with a strong resemblance to the Bell & Ross line.

They're not "fakes" in that they carry their own branding and do not attempt to pass themselves off as the original. But they do "flatter" with "imitation."


Check out the Aircraft-8 and Airforce models. Both around $500-ish ... in reach of the "common man." LOL.

These are Swiss-made watches with quality build, sapphire crystals, and ETA movements.

The Aircraft-8 autos use ETA autos from the same movement family that Bell & Ross uses.

The Airforce line (with a much stronger Bell&Ross resemblance) uses the ETA (formerly Unitas) handwind ... a movement I prefer to the ETA autos, especially if date is not that important to you.

On a side note, if I could splurge on a new high-dollar "grail" watch, it would probably be the ChronoSwiss Timemaster handwind.

See it here:

Curiously, they don't show photos of the movement through the display back. If you can find photos of the movement online, check them out. It's a beautiful, extensively reworked ebauche that began life as an ETA/Unitas 6497/6498 "once upon a time."

-- Marcus

11:10 AM  
Blogger studiosmith said...

Okay, thanks. I have just lost an hour of my life as I dive into those links you've shared! Sweet! Somehow I picture you in a self wind. Kinda like driving a Ferrari with no place for your BigGulp® – just as the designer intended!

Thanks so much for adding greatly to ther discussion. You always have. I now remember why I have always thought you are cool.

Thank Marcus...I mean, anonymous!

4:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Want another, huge, on-going watch-related time sink?

Check out:

That stands for the "Poor Man's Watch Forum." LOL.

Want a quality Swiss mechanical watch for under $1,000 (usually MUCH less)? This is your place to learn.

Want to wear a funky $50 mechanical from Russia or China ... that NO ONE else you meet will be wearing? Here's your place, too.

All in all a great group of guys for talk about watches and just general "grown-up" company.

Hope to see you there!

-- Marcus

12:31 PM  
Blogger studiosmith said...

Thanks Anon

Hope to see you there.

9:24 PM  

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