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Friday, January 04, 2008

BizWeek asks the Candidates: Innovation Edge?

BusinessWeek.com asked the leading Democratic and Republican Presidential candidates if America's losing its innovation edge to emerging powers. Here are their responses - By Matt Vella

Governor Bill Richardson, Mitt Romney, John Edwards, Senator John McCain, Senator Barack Obama, Fred Thompson, Hillary Clinton, Rudy Giuliani

( via BizWeek Innovation and Design )

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. These responses seem so empty with so much focus on children's test scores -- rather than actually supporting innovation.

Many great engineers/designers have lost their jobs (after they trained their replacements) to people in other countries by way of outsourcing. In other words, America is growing innovation in other countries while discouraging it in our own. And, it makes sense to do so financially -- so why not? However, if we want to innovate (and I think we should) then we'd better support it -- really support it: Pay for it and measure school successes in the long term/instead of short term (i.e., do their graduates succeed and are they inventing great things and solving tough problems? Forget about their test scores). Further, we need to be more thoughtful about what is outsourced (labor vs design/invention) and we need to pay our teachers appropriately.

Still, I think there is a bit of cultural spark that feeds us. So, have we lost our edge? Maybe not...yet. It's pretty American to invent, create, rebel. Yet, I believe that all of our measuring (i.e., testing as a way to measure educational success) is going to turn out graduates that have an answer -- instead of various inventive solutions. Additionally, I think the responses of these candidates lead us inside, to the heart of the box, instead of outside of it.

Guess I'm a little passionate about this one and frustrated, too. Sorry to go on so! Thanks for the post, though, and for getting my blood going this morning (heh-heh).

12:02 PM  

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