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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

KANNER Architects: Mid-Century "Next."

KannerArchitects are amazing in that I see a distinctively mid-century design influence woven throughout their design thinking and approach, yet through their entire body of work I see a glimpse into the future. To me, KANNER's work represents "What's Next" in architecture.

Situated in Santa Monica (by my former Ph.D and longtime fav and new airconditioned Clive and Fellow Michael), they draw on the "climate, innovation and diversity" of their Southern Californian surroundings. They "take into consideration the seasons and how light changes during the passage of the day" as a significant part of their design thinking. As a result, Kanner's work is decidedly modern, timeless and warm. Their work is conscious of and respectful towards site, budget, conservation and an inventive use of materials.

I've found all their work to be full of wit and personality. An appropriate extension of it's surroundings for sure, but serving important roles of adding, inspiring and energizing those who interact with these spaces.

If I could hire anyone to communicate through architecture what I consider interesting and inspirational, I would choose KANNER hands down. Though they design their share of big budget projects, I'm most impressed by what they've done with their more modest ones, like the United Oil and Gas Station (which if the site wasn't all designed all in Flash, I would link to on the KANNER site).

They have a full service graphic design team too. Man, would that be a dream job!
Big shout out to Kanner. I'm a fan.

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