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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Policing the "Built Ford Tough" Brand.

Everyone knows that the Ford Motor Company builds their trucks "Ford Tough." Consequently, when consider buying a Ford heavy-duty truck, one must seriously consider whether one is able to fulfill the oath. For afterall, your purchase commits you to a new set of rules...rules which preclude you from owning and wearing a pink shirt; from getting a manicure; from ordering fancy coffee drinks; from using roller luggage; from owning a puny dog; from consuming meat substitutes; from using a fanny pack; and a variety of un-manly pursuits.

In an extreme show of force, and in order to police their "Ford Tough" Brand, BTF officers are dispatched to enforce infractions that breach this sacred and manly oath.

Below are actual BTW videos of oath infractions being enforced to the end of the law. God bless these officers for the honorable and risky work they do on behalf of brand.

( via CJ at 1800GOTJUNK )

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