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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Depression Press: the Cure for Depression

Blacksmith, Newsboy, Shoe-shiner, Letter-smasher, and fellow Rural Illinois designer and letterpress printer extroirdinare Kent Henderson of Depression Press knocks 'em out of the park in so many ways. While I generally avoid politics on BarryBlog, I cannot help but to share his Pop-politics Flickr set. His Print-Shop set is equally awesome. As is his typecase set. But perhaps the most impressive images are the ones of his workshop. Every designer's dream. A barn out back. Loaded with lead. Ready to roll. Bravo Kent. I hope to own one of his letterpress posters soon. After the adoption.

(I can hear my friends laugh now. There will be no money after the adoption. Yeah I know.)

Almost forgot. Check out his creative direction website here, and his print shop here.

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Anonymous Kent said...

Wow. I just saw this. Quite nice and appreciated. Actual, real, inked posters forthcoming!


9:48 AM  

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