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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Trip Print Press: Amazing Flickr Favorite

TripPrintPress of Canada is jaw-dropping amazing. The work coming off their Ludlow letterpresses is second to none. I discovered them through learning they picked one of my images to be in their Trip Print's Flickr Favorites. They chose this picture from this set. Their favorites are among the most interesting collection I have seen from any Flickr users. You will enjoy their photos immensely.

Here is a list of the printing arsenal they call on to print all that yummy letterpress goodness.


Composing room:
* Ludlow Typograph M, hot metal linecaster. 6 pt. mold. 100 fonts of matrices.
* Cost Cutting composing room saw.

* Rouse 120 pica slug trimmer.

* Wood type, 50 fonts

* Hand set type, 40 fonts


* ATF Little Giant #6, cylinder letterpress. 12" x 18"

* Vandercook #4, cylinder letterpress, hand fed. 14" x 20"

* Vandercook 320 G, cylinder letterpress, hand fed. 19.5" x 27"


* Challenge Guillotine, paper cutter. 23"

* Hand shear. 24"

* Round corner. 1/2" & 1/4" radius.

* Potdevin, sheet coater, cold gluer. 15"

* High temperature hot glue gun.

* Kwik Print, foil stamping press. 4" x 1" chase.

* Acme side & saddle stapler.

Go there NOW.

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Ooo--yum is right!

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