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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Charles and Ray Eames: Polaroid SX-70 In Depth

Charles and Ray Eames are my mentors. Though we never met, I continue to learn so much about design from this one couple. And thanks to typographer Stephen at MidCenturyModernist for yet another great share, I have learned even more. Search the term Eames on this blog and you'll find quite a few posts that discuss the Eameses greatness and contribution to business.

(via MidCenturyModernist )

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is so cool on so many levels! Makes me pine for my old instant camera (who knew?). I really dig the video, too. Such a different approach...love it!

PS: So glad you're posting again!

1:29 AM  
Anonymous Grace@PoeticHome said...

I really enjoyed watching the video -- the images are so nostalgic, and there is something so special about popping open a camera for instant memory-capturing :) Do they still make film for this puppy? I just picked up a Polaroid Land a few weekends ago, but alas, the film is no longer available, so I may need to "hack" it to take different film.

2:00 PM  
Blogger studiosmith said...

Grace. Sounds like you've read some of the same information I have regarding Polaroid recent end to making the film and how people have posted hacks so you can use an alternative film. That's too bad because as this video suggests, there's an immediate gratification in the Land Camera that even digital can't match. I now have an even greater appreciation for this "old" technology as I watched the video. I also noticed that the background music and narrator are the same one used in The Power of Ten, which I have heard was shot downtown Chicago.

6:57 PM  

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