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Friday, February 13, 2009

Who wants their brand to matter? Yudu.

Your company creates something. What is it? What does it offer your customers? Why do you think your product matters? And how do you communicate this? What do you say? More importantly, how do you sound? Do you matter? Is it on sale? Is it better than the competitor's offering? What other things make your product distinctive? And do you really think your distinctive is really, well, distinctive? Do you think your customer cares? Does any of this matter?

When I speak of brand, I speak of trajectory. You must aim to inspire. To intrigue. To surprise. In ways that honor the audience's uniqueness and where it is you find them. Their condition. Their attention span. Their fears and desires. In ways that challenge your audience to something greater. That in the end, make them buy. And then drives them to convince others to do the same. It's your personality. It's your brand. It matters.

I have found a company who REALLY understands this. They are called yudu. Their product is cool. But so are their competitor's products. They've realized their ability to inspire people. To catch a vision for their product. A product that on the surface is like many others. But they frame their distinctive uniquely. Their product helps their customers express themselves. See for yourself. Watch "I Am Here." It's beyond marketing. The trajectory is higher. It inspires and delights. It creates emotion. And it is memorable.

Sit back and enjoy the inspired brand efforts of Yudu. Boy would I love to have one of these products.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Blogger studiosmith said...

No dubt. What a great video, and what a memorable way to inspire people to use your product in unconventional ways.

9:13 AM  

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