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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Foolishly Following a Fool

On a recent and intentional 5 day disconnect from email, voice mail, and other unending distractions, I spent time with a song sent to me by a dear friend. The song is called "God's Own Fool," written by musician, teacher, Christ follower and lyricist Michael Card. As I listened to the song over and over, the song became really personal. I was grateful for this moment—one I wanted to record for future study and reflection. In this instance, I decided to adapt the words for a deeper study of the song, and so it could become even more personal for me. Below are the fruits of that effort.

Foolishly Following A Fool

I imagine Jesus as the reason for all mankind. But His Holy wisdom is foolish to man—I must seem out of my mind.

For Christ's own family said He was mad, and a priest claimed a demon's to blame. So I in the form of an un-perfect man, must not appear perfectly sane.

I in my foolishness, once considered myself wise, but by offering The Fool, God opened my eyes. I in my weakness believe I am strong, but Christ endured the cross to show I am wrong.

I surrender that hunger to proclaim I am right, and He gives me the faith to receive. As His power of paradox opened my eyes, it blinds those who claim they have sight.

So lose your life for a carpenter's son—a madman who died for a dream. And you'll have the faith Christ's first followers had, and you'll experience the weight of the beam.

I foolishly follow a Fool, something only the foolish can see. I believe what the world says is unbelievable—why not come be foolish with me?


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