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Monday, October 06, 2008

Slim Pick'ins: Anyone Got A Plan?

BarryBlog is intentionally not a political blog. But like everyone else, I cannot deny the ailing economy has somewhat stolen the show.

Though I'm no expert on the political/economical system, it appears it doesn't take an MBA from Harvard (I know this because they seem as blindsided by our recent economic knockout as everyone else) to question the effectiveness and fitness of our political/economic system, as we all feel the collective tingle of our black eye continuing to swell.

I say "political/economical" with intention. I cannot see a separation. Every talking head speaks to PACs and money and greed as root to many of our problems. Every day a new leader in business and government is taken down by greed, which makes it hard for me to trust any lawmaker or politician. It's frustrating to see government under performing while lawmakers get very little accomplished towards the good of the republic without assuming bribery, payoffs and greed is running the show.
Or perhaps something more old fashioned like incompetence.

So this mega billionaire OIL guy named T. Boone Pickens buys up a bunch of air time. It's been done before, Ross Perot ran his entire campaign out of his wallet, so precedence for self funding is not a gigantic surprise or distraction, or smokescreen for character. But I ask, is the Picken's Plan hogwash? Is it another behind the scene scheme to make a few people rich(er)?

See for yourself. Watch the video. I would be interested in your comments if you have anything to add because I'm skeptical.

Okay, back to graphic design, mid-century modern thrift store finds, and what not.

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Thursday, October 02, 2008

My Mid-Century Modern Inspired Office Space

I'm not famous, but my office is, via Grace at the Poetic Home Blog. Check out Grace's Flickr photos.

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