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Saturday, December 16, 2006

My Experience: ChaCha Live Guide Search

I've posted cool tricks and ideas for getting better search results using Google and Pagebull in the past...but check this out. Go to ChaCha and enter your search term. Then click the "Search With Guide" option. Man is this the cat's meow. It's the lazy man's search option. And after all, you're way too busy and hifalutin to do your own web searches, right? Why not have someone else do 'em for ya'?.

I did. And when the session started, I was assigned Jason. I quickly learned he types about 975 words per minute. At first I thought Jason was a bot, but respectfully (Jason), since the results were somewhat, well, "human" - it made me think this was likely a real person. So I questioned him. At first he claimed he was a bot. But his answers were too funny, and too quick considering the specific nature of my requests. Then he let the cat out of the bag. ChaCha Guides are real people!
Now that kills me. Hard to believe. And as you'll see from the actual transcript below, not only is he a real guy, but he actually was cool, had a personality, and he gave me solid advice on my blog, which as you'll see was what I had originally asked about. All told this was a bundle of fun. Not sure how necessary ChaCha is or how it will fly with time, but you can bet your bippy I'll be keeping tabs to see if others are chatting ChaCha up. I recommend you try it yourself. What do you have to lose? It's so free even my cheap friend Freddy can afford it. ( Begin my transcript with Jason from ChaCha )

  • Status: Looking for a guide ...
  • Status: Connected to guide: JasonK
  • JasonK: Welcome to ChaCha!
  • You: What up Jason. Can ya find much about "BarryBlog" or perhaps more than Shannon D did when she searched for it's URL: http://www.studiosmith.blogspot.com"
  • JasonK: 'Sup, barry. You want info about the site?
  • You: Better would be to see if any of my posts have been linked to
  • JasonK: Just a moment.
  • JasonK: Hmm
  • JasonK: You posting on other sites - does that count? :)
  • You: Nada. Hey don't sweat it. I enjoyed this. How does it work? Are you live or a bot?
  • JasonK: I'm totally a bot
  • You: Coolio. Thanks for your botastic help.
  • JasonK: lol
  • JasonK: no problem
  • You: You're not a bot.
  • JasonK: True :)
  • You: Cool. Take it easy. Should I blog ChaCha?
  • JasonK: Sure, sure
  • JasonK: Post your own blog in other forums. My site gets a few dozen links from posting in forums, eventually the word spreads. It's one method anyway. Good luck
  • JasonK: Thanks for using chacha
  • You: Nice. Keep your eyeballs open, and tell people about my blog even if they don't ask. Sue everyone! :^)
  • JasonK: Come back, anytime, and enjoy my bot-ulism
  • JasonK: lol
  • JasonK: np
  • JasonK: good night
  • JasonK: :)
  • You: Out Thanks
  • JasonK: Please RATE ME. Thanks for using ChaCha.
  • Status: Session ended.
( via my friend and colleague Beth )


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