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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

ihaveanidea: An Ad and Design Community

ihaveanidea is a self professed mechanism for communication, self-analysis and intellectual growth, documenting the world's creative community and disseminating this priceless knowledge to help it grow and flourish—adding fuel to the industry they so passionately love.

There are several reasons why you might enjoy the site. For one, and like many endeavors in life, your participation adds value to the whole. Also, there are incredible interviews with many of the industries best talent. Many names I've never heard of, but I prefer that, because I have learned in 20 years doing this that some of the best talent in the business are normal Joes. These people may or may not be judges on award committees, speakers on the design circuit, or famous whatsoever. But some of these people's creative will blow you away. People like Todd Waterbury of Duffy origin and now Weiden+Kennedy NYC; Joe Sciarrotta, Executive Creative Director Ogilvy, Chicago; any many others. If you care about design you'll dig deep in the creatives area. Other nuggets include a literature review section; a job post site; Ask Jancy (Janet Kestin and Nancy Vonk, Chief Creative Officers of Ogilvy & Mather, Toronto); a creative directory listing; an event calendar; some user submitted design and ad articles; among other things.

I'm just scratching the surface on this site myself, and plan to spend more time as possible. I have registered which gives me a key to the newest and best advertising on the site. Again, submitted by site users like me. Nice.

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