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Saturday, August 11, 2007

iTunes Killer App: Simplify Media

Finally—a solution that allows me to dump all the music from my external drive at work. With Simplify Media I now listen to all my iTune music that I have stored on my computer at home from my computer at work. And vise-versa. In fact one of my colleagues has invited me to listen to all his music on his home computer. So now I've enabled my account so he now listens to my mp3s. And the best part is it's legal, free, and no support is required. Killer app.

Here's how it works
: Simplify Media software lets you browse and play remote music using the iTunes software interface. Music is streamed directly between computers over the Internet within small groups that you control. Your group can be made up entirely of your own computers, for example home and office. You can also invite friends to join. Once an invitation is accepted, you will be able to sort, search and play each other’s libraries when online, all within iTunes.

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