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Saturday, September 29, 2007

SpotDJ: Make Your Own Party Mix

Stanton Warriors make my toes tap. They make music which I believe is clasified as "house." I discovered a software called SpotDJ which allowed me to make music mixes. Using StantonWarriors as my music of choice, I developed a mix of their sounds. It's really long, and since I haven't listened to all this music, and since the boys is StantonWarriors have a case of potty mouth at times, be warned some of their remixes may have language that's not particularly appropriate for all audiences. If you're like me though, you listen to this type of music, for the most part, for the beat. So for me, unless it's full of bad lyrics and words, when an occasional bad word pops up, I am perfectly capable of not letting that become part of my fabric. I trust you understand and that you will not listen if you're concerned. If you want to play around with making your own mix, click the "get one" graphic. To play my mix right here on this blog, click the small arrow next to the words Stanton Warriors.

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