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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Reflection on Energy.

For several days I've experienced the kind of sick that makes it hard to lift your arms. That after 2 nights straight of coughing makes it burn to drink water. That turns sweating and chills on and off like a light switch. The kind of sick that is bronchitis.

During this time I've been virtually silent. No conversations. No Television. Virtually no speaking at all. And stillness due to pain. (Admittedly some time online when sleeping was tough). All in all a time to heal and restore. This absence from everywhere, everything and everyone has offered me insight into how special energy is. In a tangible way. And it's made me appreciative of where it comes from.

I have completely taken my energy source for granted. I awake full of energy, and have it kicked up a notch after the first sip of morning coffee. It's not something I think about all that much. And it's not something I run short of very often. But this time I am virtually without. What a contrast to my typical self. I give praise for a body that is normally energized. And for times when I can energize others. I've always been grateful for that.

I take this moment to share my thanks for the energy that is God.

In the middle of the night during a typical cough-fest, I watched this heartfelt re-account given by a Neuroanatomist (brain scientist) of her experience having had a stroke, told recently at the TED conference. Taking nothing away from Jill Bolte Taylor (her talk was spectacular on the surface), I couldn't help but think how so many scientists work their entire career trying to define and describe things within our limited source and scope of understanding. We are limited by time and space. God is not. The TED talk is mesmerizing and emotional, but empty when God is absent from the conversation. Just look to God. That's where it originates.

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Blogger stage3design said...

Even in the midst of agony, you find a way to shine light. Thank you for sharing your insights and for praising God in the midst of a hard time. Everyone says it's the hard times that draw you closest to God, and I hope that you feel that closeness now—and remember it in the years to come....Take care of yourself and get well soon.

9:09 AM  
Blogger studiosmith said...

Thanks man.

10:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are so right!

I'm not sure I've shared this before, but when I was expecting Duncan, my ITP kicked into full gear. Even when I was getting awesome treatment, my platelet count was dropping. About two months into the process (and after hitting a dangerous low), it mysteriously started to rise and kept to a "healty enough" level. After I delivered, my mother-in-law shared that at that "dangerously low" time, she'd asked her aunt's prayer group to pray for us (which they did and continue to do on occasion -- a most amazing gift that nearly brings me to tears every time I think of it). I'd been praying/aksing for guidance myself, never thinking to ask for help from others (just so shy about that). However, it seems that the prayers of others were a key component to my treatment. This was such an amazing gift and the knowledge of it is an amazing gift -- all the way around it is an amazing and important blessing (thanks again, God, you totally rock).

Anyway, that's why I've said a little prayer for you, too!

10:35 AM  
Blogger studiosmith said...


Thanks for being such a light. And for praying. And for sharing this accounting of the power of prayer. I'm not sure who reads my comments, if anyone, but I sure hope God uses your testimony to encourage others. It did me. I have seen the power of prayer have tangible results before like you have shared. ONLY when we give it all up to the Lord can we truly experience this peace, this joy, and this eternal power.

3:17 PM  

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