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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Poster Palooza: Mid-Century Modern Ad Posters

Illustrator Bob Staake is amazing. I've always enjoyed his work and wished I owned a piece of his art. But as I was looking through my Mid-Century Modern results in compfight (which I have mentioned before), I stumbled across one of his Flickr sets called Poster Palooza! Amazing Mid-Century European Advertising Posters. Slideshow here.

His Poster Palooza Flickr set
description it says...

A gallery of imagery, graphics and designs sure to inspire anyone who truly appreciates and understands the history of the advertising poster. The European 'poster aesthetic' of the mid-20th century continues to influence countless illustrators, designers and visual artists -- and this sampling of iconic, awe-inspiring images shows why so many of us remain unabashed poster fanatics.
Check out all of his sets. Bob is an amazing talent.

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Blogger Liz Ness said...

How cool! I love poster art (especially, from that era).

4:33 PM  

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