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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Just a Thought: Life Changing Moments

Something caught my attention tonight. It was in an email sent to me likely as a result of my involvement in Christian Publishing. Interestingly it was from a company called Positive Media Resources and came from a URL called "Massmediamail." Don't ask me why exactly I read something from a place called massmediamail—not a personal appeal to say the least–also the word "Positive" is very often a code word for something Christian in content dressed to not look like it. Regardless, I read it.

The email was a sales pitch for a movie called Bella. What caught my attention was the idea that a single moment can transform. And on the heels of my first mission trip, it especially resonated.

A portion of the email read...

There comes a time in everyone’s life when something happens that changes them forever. Bella is a true love story that shows how one day in New York City changed three lives. It reminds us of surprises that await us in each new day that sometimes a single moment can transform our life forever.

But here's what really got me thinking. Isn't it more accurate to consider that a series of single moments, in the bigger picture, weaves our story? A scary thought when I remember back to my actions even earlier today. Am I making sound decisions and guarding my heart to insure each single moment counts? What would it be like to be intentional about your day to the degree you can consider your thoughts and actions in terms that are separate, individual, but intertwined single moments? And one's that all mattered.

No doubt it is a neat thought that one single big thing can change your life. Or someone's you know. Costa Rica did change me. Lots of what I experienced, what was revealed to me and what I experienced as a collective whole was very life altering. We all want that "in-the-park-homerun" feeling of being a light to someone, especially if it's exactly at the right time. And we all search to be changed. For me I know I'm not that fortunate, or disciplined in my walk to be in the right place at the right time. So I challenge myself (and you) to be intentional about and make your single moments count. See what that adds up to, even at the end of a single day.

Just a thought.

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Anonymous Liz Ness said...

What an interesting idea. When I consider it, I realize it is beyond me to be intentional in all I do. Still, I do my best to intentionally touch base with God daily (I know this is a strange way to put it, but it's like that).

This is what I do: I ask for help to keep my heart open, to listen, to follow. Then, I check myself...am I listening? Am I open (is my heart open) to hear what I must? Am I following as I should? What do I hear? This is something I can do intentionally, something that helps me ensure that a million little moments did, indeed, lead me to here, now. Even so, I'm not the one that deserves the credit for this intention. God does.

I've been blessed so much and in so many ways...most of all that He gives me a good tapping on the shoulder now and then to remind me that my job is to follow Him.

4:19 PM  
Blogger studiosmith said...


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Anonymous Dean said...

Interesting that you mention the movie Bella. I first heard about this movie at this year's Leadership Summit at Willow Creek Church. The founder/producer of the movie had sat in at the Summit two years prior and heard Bill Hybels call on each of us to "live a life worthy of our calling"—and he chose that day to sell his company and make makes that matter. He had no movie making experience, but he had the desire to help create a better world. By listening to God, he is living his life in a way that is worthy of his calling. And the movie . . . it's gotten rave reviews and won numerous awards at lots of film festivals. So this movie not only speaks to and for a better world, it does so in a way that moves hearts and minds.

9:40 AM  

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