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Monday, March 24, 2008

The Hunt: Eco-Friendly and Vintage Furniture

Apartment Therapy recently featured a great post on eco-friendly furniture. Now Sarah follows up, listing all the environmentally conscious wood furniture that's been featured on AT in the past. What a great resource. She lists sustainably harvested, recycled, and second-hand wood in her line up, and in so doing, highlights Jubilee Furniture as a place to find "second hand solid wood."

For me, "vintage used" Mid-Century Modern (and older) has always been a favorite choice for hunting, researching, collecting and usually just admiring. There's something about "the hunt" for this stuff that makes it rewarding and worth repeating. The late thought leader Rob Roy Kelly does a nice job of shedding light on collecting, as he describes in detail what it means to him. For non-hunters and non-collectors, this article might explain where your collector friends are coming from.

I appreciate Sarah's article. It reminds me of how cool it is to reuse stuff. Especially when doing so achieves refreshing, unintended and inspired results. And for me, like Rob Roy Kelly, finding and researching these articles is often more enjoyable than buying. Many times I just take a picture so I can research it later without having to buy. That's fun too.

As background for those of you who have not heard of Jubilee Furniture in Carol Stream, the word got out several weeks ago through the generous help of a few bloggers I contacted for help, and by the images I took of the items there. I hoped my blog friends and contacts would share the news about Jubilee, and boy did they. Apartment Therapy, Nicole at Making it Lovely, Jess at Howaboutorange, ToKissTheCook, and others– they all got the ball rolling big time. Since then many have ventured out to Carol Stream for themselves, and some continue to blog about their experiences. I even saw some recent chatter on Domino Magazine's website. Some found deal of a lifetime, while others came up empty. And some really gave Jubilee high praise calling it "
This trip may have been our best thrift store experience ever." I'm continually surprised every week by what's been donated from the week before. I have begun to see some of the same new faces there every weekend, which is cool.

Now that Jubilee is on the map so to speak, they have a need for more furniture donations. There's something satisfying about reusing and helping the environment, and an even better feeling knowing donation of furniture to Jubilee will help people who are shy on cash for whatever reason, and by knowing their profits go to the greater good. So if you or anyone you know is looking to donate something, call Jubilee and see if they can help. Dave and Susan can be contacted at

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Blogger Travis Thrasher said...

I've been pleased with the chair I bought from you recently. It's fabulous--I actually want to sit down and work. Thanks for the great buy!

10:33 PM  
Blogger studiosmith said...

Awesome. Forgot to ask how it was working out. Now that I know, you owe me a burrito and a bag of beef jerky.

5:19 PM  
Anonymous Jubilee Furniture Susan said...

Barry - Thanks, as always, for the wonderful write-up about Jubilee Furniture. I am grateful that God seems to continue to place Jubilee Furniture on your heart - and - that you are obedient in responding to that call. You are a dear!

I love your blog - and not just because you write about Jubilee Furniture - I REALLY love your blog!

Also, I'm glad you're feeling better! :-)

6:04 PM  
Blogger studiosmith said...

Thanks Susan. I of course am a fan, and as you know share your desire to see the community served by your efforts. I hope the word gets out for more donations. Thanks too for stopping by and taking time to comment, and for reading BarryBlog now and again.

10:35 PM  
Anonymous jubilee furniture susan said...

Really, the pleasure is all mine! :-)

4:34 PM  

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