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Monday, March 03, 2008

More Herman Miller Eames Yumminess

Introducing my newest thrift furniture finds – two fixed height Herman Miller Eames Aluminum Group Soft Pad Management Chairs (pictured above), plus it's big brother, the Soft Pad with swivel and adjustable height (not pictured). I picked them up this weekend. The big brother is my new home office chair, the two fixed height chairs will be on eBay soon. I also bought a Herman Miller Eames Aluminum Group Soft Pad Lounge Chair at a garage sale last year for $10. My crib is starting to look a bit like a Herman Miller showroom. Here's to hoping some day I'll find a classic bent ply lounge chair and ottoman at a garage sale!

All three of these new chairs from this weekend have just 4 legs–the most vintage and desirable configuration that thanks to OSHA in 1990, all changed to 5 leg versions. 4 leg versions are no longer made. Aside from my original Eames Time Life chairs, which will also be on eBay soon, these chairs are second to none. And don't forget my work chair.

I often wonder what the dot-com Aeron chair is like. Though not vintage or classic looking enough for me (like the Aluminum group), I understand it too is an awesome chair.

If you like Herman Miller stuff, I recommend a group I belong to. Check out the Flickr Herman Miller group, moderated by shawnwall. His the ranch series is amazing. You might also enjoy the Eames Flickr group. If you're into Mid-Century Modern interiors, you'll enjoy Stewf's group, Mid-Century Modern Interiors. Stewf owns and operates the great midcenturymodern.com
. Stewf did a nice write up on me a month back or so.

Those links should burn a few hours away. Enjoy.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

4/05/08 I just found your blog. Did you ever sell the chairs? p

12:14 AM  
Blogger studiosmith said...

Anonymous. I still have them. I've had difficulty finding time to get them all shot, priced, etc. If you have serious interest, email me at studiosmith@yahoo.com. And reference somehow you were anonymous to I make the connection.

9:17 AM  

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